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Hey everyone! I’m sure you remember this lovely post suggesting fantastic movies of queer ladies. And I thought that I might be of help, and give you links to those movies with some lovely lesbian romance.
To see the summaries of the films, check the post that gave me the idea. They make good summaries, and make them funny too. :)

R O M - C O M S

Kyss Mig(Kiss Me)
The Four-Faced Liar, 
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Saving Face
Nina’s Heavenly Delights
Yes or No
I Can’t Think Straight
Desert Hearts

F U N N Y  S H I T

But I’m a Cheerleader
Itty Bitty Titty Committee

A C T I O N / T H R I L L E R / M Y S T E R Y

The Hunger
Kill for Me
The Moth Diaries

P E R I O D  D R A M A S

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
Fingersmith part 1, Fingersmith part 2
Tipping the Velvet episode 1
The Night Watch
Viola di mare
Farewell, My Queen

H O T  A S  F U C K

A Perfect Ending
Elena Undone
When Night Is Falling
Room in Rome


Loving Annabelle
Blue Is the Warmest Colour
Aimée & Jaguar

T E E N A G E R S ?

Lost and Delirious
Show Me Love
Water Lilies
My Summer of Love

T R A N S  W O M E N ?

En Soap
Laurence Anyways


Bye Bye Blondie
The Secrets
The World Unseen




Hey everyone! I’m sure you remember this lovely post suggesting fantastic movies of queer ladies. And I thought that I might be of help, and give you links to those movies with some lovely lesbian romance.

To see the summaries of the films, check the post that gave me the idea. They make good summaries, and make them funny too. :)

R O M - C O M S
F U N N Y  S H I T
A C T I O N / T H R I L L E R / M Y S T E R Y
P E R I O D  D R A M A S
H O T  A S  F U C K
T E E N A G E R S ?
T R A N S  W O M E N ?


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The highest part of Mt. Rainier accessible to cars is Sunrise Point. It was damp and lonely there. On a fine day it’s a majestic view, which I’ve now accepted that I have missed. On a gloomy day, well…it’s a sea of rain clouds.

In the last picture, I was looking over the edge of the cliff at 6400 miles above sea level. I was trying to find the top of the world when I realized that I was standing right on it.

Mt. Rainier, Washington.
September 2013.

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French animated films : Kirikou et la Sorcière (Michel Ocelot, 1998)

English Title : Kirikou and the Sorceress

The plot : For years now, Karaba the Sorceress has been disrupting the peaceful lives of a nearby west-african village. She has blocked their access to water, frequently demands expensive tributes, uses an army of speaking fetishes as a military force, and none of the men sent to kill her have returned… Is there a way to stop her ? Only one peculiar newborn child, who began to speak while still in the womb of his mother, dares to ask an equally important question : why is it, exactly, that Karaba is so evil ?

Why you should see it :

  • The first full-feature animated movie of Michel Ocelot was a suprise hit at the time. Its success convinced producers that France could produce and distribute animated movies on a larger scale and for a substantial profit. The history of France’s animation can truly be separated into two periods (pre-Kirikou and post-Kirikou) : we went from one animated french every three years (at best) to three a year (at the very least). The movie has more than enough qualities on its own but it’s made even more likable by the numerous other awesome movies its performance made possible.
  • The main strength of the movie resides, as it should be, in its two titular characters. Kirikou, the intellectually gifted toddler, steals every scene he’s in with his sass, though its absolute lack of any magical power or physical might gives him enough vulnerability. He mainly has to rely on his courage, his wit and his own empathy to survive ; basically, he’s the hero we should all aspire to be.
  • Karaba the Sorceress, on the other hand, makes an extremely charismatic villain ; scary, manipulative, but classy as well, and not wihout her own kind of off-putting beauty. Many people compare her to Disney’s Maleficent, but this movie has the advantage of developing Karaba’s own perspective on the situation at hand and explaining why, underneath her villainous persona, she’s ultimately human. Looking back at this movie through adult eyes, it’s pretty obvious that her backstory is a symbol for something more sinister. Ocelot actuall confirmed in an interview that, yes, we were supposed to understand that rape was involved.
  • The atmosphere and animation of this movie are really unique ; when he made this movie, Michel Ocelot had basically tried every technique but traditional 2D animation, so he was really thinking outside the bow with this one. It was kind of refreshing at the time to watch a movie so detached from everything Disney had “codified” animation should be.
  • Points to the movie for making it as culturally accurate as possible. It spawned a rather stupid controversy because of that, since it depicts the village’s women going bare-chested, despite the fact that 1) it’s completely non-sexualized in the movie and 2) it’s the norm in the part of Africa it’s supposedly taking place.
  • The original score and songs were made by Youssou N’Dour, which is exactly as cool as you would expect it to be.
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If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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Earl Foolish AW14 - Blodmagi preview

You can now preview the AW14 collection in the webshop. I’ve decided to push the release until wednesday (Sept 3rd). In the presale, all prices will be 20% off what you can see now, and it will last for two weeks. Product names and descriptions will most likely be change and/or updated.


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At GE Global Research, a tube of almost pure quartz is heated to temperatures of around 1,700 degrees Celsius to create custom laboratory glassware. The material is then molded and tailored specifically to the experiment it’s being created for.

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8 vegetables that you can regrow again and again.


You can regrow scallions by leaving an inch attached to the roots and place them in a small glass with a little water in a well-lit room.


When garlic begins to sprout, you can put them in a glass with a little water and grow garlic sprouts. The sprouts have a mild flavor than garlic and can be added to salads, pasta and other dishes.

Bok Choy

Bok choy can be regrown by placing the root end in water in a well-lit area. In 1-2 weeks , you can transplant it to a pot with soil and grow a full new head.


Put carrot tops in a dish with a little water. Set the dish in a well-lit room or a window sill.  You’ll have carrot tops to use in salads. 


Put clippings from basil with 3 to 4-inch stems in a glass of water and place it in direct sunlight. When the roots are about 2 inches long, plant them in pots to and in time it will grow a full basil plant.


Cut off the base of the celery and place it in a saucer or shallow bowl of warm water in the sun. Leaves will begin to thicken and grow in the middle of the base, then transfer the celery to soil. 

Romaine Lettuce

Put romaine lettuce stumps in a 1/2 inch of water. Re-water to keep water level at 1/2 inch. After a few days, roots and new leaves will appear and you can transplant it into soil.


The stems of cilantro will grown when placed in a glass of water. Once the roots are long enough, plant them in a pot in a well-lit room. You will have a full plant in a few months.

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